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was found inside his home that put him behind bars. >> could it have been sheer chance that mark barget showed up on the police department's radar? his neighbor said about a month ago she saw firefighters enter entering his place after the apartment next door caught on fire. >> the reason they went in is because the house burned down. they went to check the next house to make sure there was nothing wrong with it and that's when they found all of that stuff. >> police >> notified that suspected child porn og if i was found inside -- onography was found inside barget's house. he works at bulls for the metropolitan airport and judge wrestling matches. the association is contracted by the school district confirms barget judged matches and performed skin checks by the students before they got on the mats and never got any complaints. he has been suspended indefinitely, a relief to parents and neighbors. >> whenever there is someone like that, the neighborhood should be informed. >> it is 4:33. the drire accused of hitting and killing a college student in adams morgan faces more charges. cham
, mark barget spent hours interacting with children all over northern virginia during his side job as a wrestling referee. a case of dumb luck, pretty much. >> that's right. in fact, some would say it was just sheer chance that he has now been charged with counties of child pornography. this has been troubling for parents because for eight years barget was working with jackson major high and high school students. his the house next door burned down and while firefighters performed a check of his home, they found pornography. he judged wrestling matches and performed skin checks on students throughout northern virginia. the wrestler's association, which is contracted by the school district, said it never received any complaints about barget. he has now been suspended indefinitely. fairfax says they have sent a letter to him, a no trespassing letter which means he cannot go on school grounds, but this is of course is very troubling for parents throughout virginia. >> in other news, d.c. police are looking for clues in the death of an elderly man. his body was found late last night on
-month-long investigation, a warrant was issued, charges 51-year-old mark barget th ten counts of child pornography. he's a part time wregling official judging middle school and high school wstling matches. the wrestling association issued a statement that says he has been placed on indefinite suspension during the coure of the investigatio if these allegations are true, this sort of activity is highly inappropriate for anyone to be involved with, especially for someonwho deals with children. barget was arrested sunday after being involved in an unrelated traffic accident in fairfax county. >> during the investigation of that traffic crash, the officer nt and arrested him on this warrant. >> reporter: barget is a firefighter for t washington metropolitan airport authority. he has been plac on administrative leave pending the outcome of the police investigation. jim, back to you. >> thank you. >>> two children are in the hospital with serious injuries tonight after being hit by a car this afternoon. it happened about 5:00. witnesses say the two children were crossing polk street near kennelworth avenue.
secundarias enfrenta cargos por posesion de pornografia infantil... mark barget, de 51 aƱos, fue arrestado el domingo luego loca lorton se incendiĆ³.. fue entonces cuando bomberos encontraron entre los restos el terial nografico... ingreso a cualquier escuela del condado de fairfax... cualquien informacion reportarla al numero 703- 246 22 53... autoridades federales y locales estan lsando nuevas campanas para sacar de las rutas y calles a los conductores irresponsables que utilizan sus mientras conducen...claudia uceda con el informe.. expertos en el tema en el distraidos dijeron que los departamentos policiales deben hacer mas para respetar la ley... fairfax es un ejemplo... "si el conductor esta hablando y ve un auto policia, deja de hablar por telefono por eso ahora estamos en vehiculos deportivos reconoscan< estos sensores podrian ayudar "se inslata directamente en el vehiculo y bloquea los envios de text messages y hacer llamadas.." y porque textear es considerado la nueva adiccion, un padre de familia lanzo una campana de miles de firmas en autobuses
barget. the mr. barget has been placed on indefinite suspension during the faire faux. he was arrested on sunday, after being involved in an unrelated crash. >> the officer went and arrested him on those warrants. >> jackie benson, news 4, today. >> he is a fire fighter, and has been play placed on administrative leave. >> a store inside the frannis scott key mall started celling a t-shirt, supporting the arizona stance of immigration. some thought it was offensive. the mall told them to not seing the shirts. last night, the management said the letter was a mistake and should not have been sent. >> it fls like summer is not over yet. >> good au it. umn has been cooled. some of the red maples, already beginning to showcolor. live view, as you see, northwest, washington. way off on the horizon, son's corner. regan national, elsewhere to the beaches, and this mild continue will continue, and tomorrow, warping things up. many locations got down to ar 40. western maryland and virginia. now back in the 60s to near 70. and the green zone is in the 50s in many locations. high pressure, pushing
by firefighters actually about the pornographic material in 51- year-old mark barget's home. they went into his home to make sure a fire next door hadn't spread. he is a wrestling official who works with middle school and high school wrestlers in our area. >> if you are a parent of one of those children and you want to open a conversation with your child, speak with your child about those matches and ask if they feel they have any information they would like to share with the police department. >> the northern virginia wrestling officials association releaseed a statement saying in part, these allegations have no connection to his duties as an independent contractor to our association and that the rules for bid an official be alone with any of the wrestlers without the presence of the coach or team. >>> a former teacher at one of the district's most prestigious cools was charged in a child sex abuse case but won't spend any time in jail. a judge sentenced robert peterson to 15 years in jail with all 15 years suspended. he must serve five years supervised probation. he taught seventh and eighth
wrestlers is charged with possession of child pornography. 51-year-old mark barget was arrested on friday following a three-month investigation. fairfax county firefighters tipped off police back in june when they found pornographic material inside his lorton home while responding to a fire next door. police want anybody with information to come forward. >> if you are a parent of one of those children and you want to open a conversation with your child, speak with your child about those matches and ask if they feel they have any information they would like to share with the police department. >> the northern virginia wrestlers association said in part, these charges have nothing to do with their contract and the rules forbid anyone be alone with a coach without the team. >>> a smash and grab robbery just after 3:00 this morning in the 11,000 block of rockville pike in rockville. someone smashed a door window at a tokyo cafe. they stole some items. no word on what was taken. >>> the fbi is asking for public help in tracking down a man they say robbed dozens of restaurants in maryland, nort
, virginia man accused having child pornography. police were tipped off about the material some mark barget's home by firefighters who entered his home to make sure a fire next door did not spread. he is a wrestling official who works with middle and high school wrestlers in the area. >>> dr. david cohen is now listed in good condition. his family issued a statement saying they appreciate the support but now want privacy so cohen can heal. police say paul pardus shot cohen in the stomach after the doctor told pardus about his mother's condition. pardus late are killed his mother and then himself. >>> the man accused of a violent spree of attacks in three states including northern virginia for the first time faces a murder charge. elias abuelazam was in a michigan court on monday. laura evans with more details this morning. >> that is a flny offense under michigan law where you face life in prison. do you understand that penalty? >> yes, sir. >> reporter: wearing a pink jail jumpsuit, elias abuelazam in court to answer to charges in connection with the stabbing death of an old minor. surveil
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8